Crux emblem   Crux Command 200092
200092L Имя: Crux Command
Тип: Карта Spell
Фракция: Crux
Размер: 2
Очки: 50
Макс. в колоде: 1
Эпизод: 3
Редкость: Double Rare
Эффект: One of the following effects is applied depending on the number of cards in your Deck: ● At least 10: Two random allied Followers get DEF +2/STA +1. ● 9 or less: Two random allied Followers get SIZE +1/ATK +6/STA +6.

Текст карты: [No need to worry. Heretics will be expelled from this land. The decision has been made. Now go and assemble the knights. I will remove the witches and vampires with my own two hands.]
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