Crux emblem   Quick Service 200059
200059L Имя: Quick Service
Тип: Карта Spell
Фракция: Crux
Размер: 2
Очки: 3
Макс. в колоде: 3
Эпизод: 2
Редкость: Uncommon
Эффект: All allied Followers are sent to the Grave. A Crux Follower in your Hand with a SIZE of up to the number of sent cards +3 is sent to Slot 4. Next, the Follower's ATK/STA are increased by half of the number of Crux cards in your Grave (rounding up).

Текст карты: [I just need to deliver this, right? It can't be late, right? Okay, got it, Miss Jaina! For the glory of the knights!]