Crux emblem   Vivid World of Kana 200108
200108L Имя: Vivid World of Kana
Тип: Карта Spell
Фракция: Crux
Размер: 2
Очки: 13
Макс. в колоде: 2
Эпизод: EX1
Редкость: Rare
Эффект: If either or both of the first two cards in your Deck belong to your Character's faction, the cards that belong to your Character's faction are sent to the first empty Slots in your Field. The cards that do not are sent to the Grave. The cards sent to your Field get SIZE changed to equal this card's SIZE, and then this card is removed from the game.

Текст карты: [The vision, the land without lies, enthralls me. This is the place where I will find the truth.]